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VAO++: Practical Volumetric Ambient Occlusion for Games

Jakub Bokšanský, Adam Pospíšil and Jiří Bittner


Downloadable PDF version of paper here.
Preprint for Eurographics Symposium on Rendering - Experimental Ideas & Implementation (2017)


Ambient occlusion is one of the commonly used methods to increase visual fidelity in real-time rendering applications. We propose several extensions of the recently introduced volumetric ambient occlusion method. These extensions improve the properties of the methods with a particular focus on the quality vs performance tradeoff and wide applicability in contemporary games. We describe the implementation of the proposed algorithm and its extensions. We implemented the method as a camera effect within the Unity game engine. The results show that our implementation compares favorably with the standard ambient occlusion in Unity both in terms of quality and speed.



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Our implementation

Implementation as Unity plugin is available as a free demo or on the Asset Store.

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