Camera Lens Effects Unity Plugin User Guide


About Final Vignette

Final Vignette is our post processing effect for adding vignetting to the image for Unity 5 (5.6.0 or higher).

You can get this package at Unity Asset Store.

Vignetting is an unwanted artefact of real photographic lens which displays as a decreased brightness or saturation towards image corners. While unwanted for ideal photography - this effect can improve realism of computer generated images.

Shader implementation enables control of many vignetting parameters such as vignette colors, size, intensity, saturation and position of the vignetting center.

Package comes with full source code for both C# script and the shader.

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Attach Camera Lens effect to camera using either Add Component -> Image Effects -> Rendering -> Final Vignette or by dragging & dropping FinalVignette.cs file to camera.
  2. Select camera in Hierarchy window and use controls in Inspector to control the effect.

Effect How-to


Vignetting displays as a reduced brightness or saturation near the corners of the image. Our implementation also lets you choose any color for center and corners.

Set desired minimum and maximum brightness in the corners and the center of the screen. Falloff Linearity controls the curve of the falloff from the center to corners (how fast is brightness reduced towards the corners). Set the minimum and maximum distances at which are brightness min/max values achieved.

Mode lets you select between standard brightness reduction, saturation reduction or custom colors you want to use.

It is convenient to enable debug display via Show Debug Output switch to fine-tune vignetting.

Controls walk-through

Rendering Pipeline settings

Integration Type

Way of integration of effect within Unity - image effect or command buffer.


Min/Max Intensity Maximum brightness value (in the center), minimum brightness value (in the corners).

Falloff Linearity Falloff curve of vignette intensity (based on distance from image center).

Min/Max Distance Distance from center where minimum/maximum intensity is achieved.

Mode Vignetting mode - Standard mode adjusts brightness, Saturation mode adjusts color saturation.

Center Position Position of vignetting center on the screen.

Anamorphic Lens Takes aspect ratio of the screen into account.

Show Debug Output Displays vignetting only.

Contact Information

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