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New Release - Colorbleed Unity Plugin

Our new plugin adds colorbleeding as a post-processing image effect - in realtime without baking and any pre-calculation. Similiar to SSAO - adds color bleeding and AO like lighting to the scene.

About Colorbleed

Color bleeding is when reflected light transfers the color of surface to surrounding objects. This resembles reflections on matte surfaces. Add new levels of visual quality to your scene with this great asset. Easy to use and control, lets you select exactly the balance of performance and quality your project deserves.

Implemented as two different algorithms that makes the asset perfect for both realtime graphics in games and for more demanding pre-rendered animations or stills.

Point Cloud algorithm is a simple and fast solution - it gets good speed performance with nice visual results. Ray Marching is slower but with better appearance - recommended for model visualizations, interior designs, videos etc.

Additional information

You can get Colorbleed at Unity Asset Store.

See documentation here and forum here.

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